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Celebration Cake Kit

Chocolate Vanilla Frosting 330G.png
Vanilla Chocolate Frosting 330G.png
Chai Latte 330G.png
Strawberry Vanilla Frosting 330G.png
Mashmellows Cake 330G.png
Vanilla-Vanilla Frosting 330G.png
Carrot Cake 330G.png
Butter Scotch 330G.png
Chocolate Chocolate Cake 330G.png
Mocha Cake 330G.png
Peppermint Chocolate Cake 330G.png
Celebrate More



  • Cake Mix

  • Microwaveable Cake Dish

  • Frosting

  • Candy Sprinkles


330g & Gluten Free

You can’t tell these were made in the microwave


A cake in just 5 minutes. Save time and the energy to pre-heat and bake in an oven.

Lemon Cake.png
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